We Use Strictly Organic Methods

“Adam remade a 120 foot stone wall in my backyard that was collapsing. It is incredibly beautiful and I am so proud to own that wall. It will be a highlight of the property for many generations. I could not be more pleased with structure, but also the many interactions I have had with Adam. I always enjoyed visiting with him to discuss his progress and other interests. A true professional, and a super nice man.”
– TF, CT

“I want to express my appreciation for the good work you have done with our lawn. Landscapers, commercial name lawn care companies, as well as personal use of Scott products have not equaled what you have achieved with our lawn. Thanks!”

– PY, Mansfield Center, CT


Our dry set stone walls represent the unique intersection of art, science, and nature. They embody the framework of the New England landscape as they are true to the diverse geology of the area. The glaciers brought many different types of stone down from the north thousands of years ago and shaped them along the way.

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We have over 20 years experience fitting these local stones together and no other landscape feature will increase your property value like our carefully crafted stone work.

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